Fire Damper SRL

Marine & Offshore Fire Dampers

Fire Damper SRL dampers are certified to fire test standards for ratings from A0 to A60. They are designed for HVAC ductwork, approved by class and USCG to SOLAS FTP Code requirements. They are available in a wide range of materials, casing depths, dimensions and actuation methods for maximum flexibility. Configured to be normally open with minimal pressure loss, noise or air flow interruption, a fusible link automatically closes the damper in the event of fire. Units are simple and robust to facilitate installation and maintenance.  

Kyma AS

Ship Performance Monitoring Systems

Kyma is a leader in accurate and reliable ship performance monitoring systems with installations on more than 4,000 vessels worldwide.  The Kyma Shaft Power Meter measures torque and thrust using the strain gauge technology, the Kyma Data Logger collects shaft power, torque, thrust, etc. onboard or for transfer to shore.  Software products such as the Diesel Analyzer, Steam Analyzer and Ship Performance provide sophisticated continuous vessel performance analysis.  The Kyma Test Power Meter is made for shipyard hull and propeller performance evaluation during sea trials.


External Fire Fighting Systems

Marsis is a manufacturer and designer of complete “External Fire Fighting Systems” with class approvals for FiFi 1, FiFi 2 & FiFi 3 applications and complete in-house design engineering capability. Complete systems include fire monitors ranging from 100 m³/h to 2,400 m³/h (water with full flow and / or foam with reduced flow capacity) , FiFi pumps with capacity from 100 m³/h to 2,800 m³/h, step-up gear boxes, hydraulic clutches with HPU drives, PTO couplings, control cabinets and panels, etc. 


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Generon IGS

Marine Nitrogen Generator Systems

With over 1,900 shipboard installations, Generon IGS is a leading manufacturer of nitrogen gas generators for chemical, product & LNG tankers, LNG fueled vessels, etc. Generon offers membrane type generators producing 95 to 99.5% nitrogen purity, utilizing its own highly efficient membranes. Cabinet-style units have capacities up to 900 m3/hr while skidded systems can produce up to 6,000 m3/hr. Generon also manufactures nitrogen PSA generators, utilizing Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA) technology to achieve 95 to 99.999% purity with capacities from 160 – 8,000 Nm3 / hr. All systems are marine approved by all major classification societies.

GDS Corp.

Gas and Flame Detection

GDS Corp delivers reliable and cost-effective gas and flame detection systems for Marine & Offshore use. The systems are accepted by USCG & class for LNG dual fuel vessels. Ideal applications include detection of hydrogen sulfide, toxic gases and LNG. The GASMAX line meets the highest standards for marine safety and reliability, offers dual channel H2S / LEL monitoring and the option of analog or dual redundant MODBUS communications. In use throughout the world. The GDS Sample Draw System is an ideal solution for applications where ambient conditions are unsuitable for traditional ambient sensors, or where access to an ambient sensor would be inconvenient or dangerous.  

APV / SPX Flow

Plate Heat Exchanger Solutions

APV / SPX Flow plate heat exchanger solutions offer cooling for engine capacities from 200 kW to over 100,000 kW.  They are designed and built for maximum thermal efficiency, reliable operation and minimum space requirements. These plate heat exchanger solutions help shipowners to optimize energy consumption, minimize service downtime and reduce capital cost investment.  Applications include main and auxiliary engine, lube oil and MGO / MDO cooling as well as pre-heating, tank heating, heat recovery and scrubbers. For APV / SPX Flow spare parts, 

Matre Maskin AS

Foam & Helideck Fire Protection Systems

Matre is a provider of high quality firefighting solutions for global maritime and offshore applications. Offerings include: DIFFS – Deck Integrated Fire Fighting System – for extinguishing helideck fires (usually in under 10 seconds), foam proportioning equipment (balanced pressure, turbine in-line, eductors), pop-up helideck nozzles (CAP-437 compliant and USCG approved), high capacity Matre Flexi deluge nozzles, centrifugal and liquid ring pumps. DIFFS drastically reduces the need for firefighting personnel present during helideck operations. 

Corrosion Maritime

Impressed Current for Cathodic Protection & Anti-Fouling

Corrosion Maritime is a leading manufacturer and expert in the field of cathodic protection and marine growth prevention.  Their Impressed Current Cathodic Protection (ICCP) system utilizes the principle of shifting the natural potential of metals to protect your vessel, including propulsion and rudder systems. The control system processes hull sensor data and the power unit ensures the correct degree of protection, adapting to conditions for optimum protection. A touch screen provides clear indication of hull coating condition and the system can be connected to the vessel management system. The Impressed Current Anti-fouling (ICAF) system or Marine Growth Protection System (MGPS) protects box coolers, intakes and strainers from fouling by controlling copper anodes that add the exact amount of copper particles to the seawater to yield optimum protection.

Ultra Fog

Water Mist Fire Suppression Systems

Ultra Fog specializes in people-safe high pressure water mist systems for fire protection across a wide range of marine & offshore applications. Ultra Fog systems are ‘Best in Class’ in terms of water and power consumption, quality and price. Upon fire detection, water is sprayed through special nozzles at high pressure creating an atmosphere of tiny water fog micro droplets. As the droplets flash to steam, they remove heat from the fire while also greatly displacing oxygen, resulting in very effective fire suppression. These systems meet IMO requirements and are class approved for accommodation areas, machinery spaces, RO-RO and special category spaces, balconies and galley cooking equipment. They are USCG approved for accommodation / light hazard, local application and total flooding protection. 

GESAB – Gothenburg Energy Systems AB

Complete Marine Heating Systems

GESAB designs & builds high quality and cost-effective marine heating systems with thermal oil heaters, exhaust boilers, heating coils and other elements to provide a complete solution for your vessel. Offering steam, hot water, thermal fluid and electric heating systems for applications including cargo tanks, accommodations, bunkers and tank washing. Whether for new or retrofit, GESAB provides a complete skidded or containerized package including all accessories.

Polar International

Advanced Water Treatment Equipment

Polar manufactures advanced water treatment equipment and systems dedicated to marine and offshore applications.  These solutions protect personnel, equipment and the environment simultaneously.  Polar PWT potable water treatment provides optimized water hardening by controlled silicate milk injection.  By adjusting pH and ensuring that water is not corrosive, it protects pipes, tanks and coatings from corrosion.  Approved for potable water, it stops unpleasant red / brown water, removes rust, scale and bacteria-nests, is easy to install and yields low life cycle costs for the entire potable water system.

Compass Water Solutions

RO Water Makers & Oily Water Separators

CWS makes Aqua-Sep Reverse-Osmosis (RO) water makers, Ultra-Sep Bilge Oily Water Separators (OWS) and CRP-SEP Slop Oily Water Separators. Aqua-Sep RO water makers can be configured for freshwater and technical water applications. Systems are available in standard sizes and can be customized for large capacity (1,000+ tons / day) needs. Ultra-Sep bilge OWS utilize CWS SPIR-O-LATOR membranes to create a positive physical barrier yielding overboard discharge of less than 5ppm of oil content, in accordance with MEPC.107(49).  CRP-SEP Slop Oily Water Separators can handle large volume of dirty oil & water with maximum productivity and effectiveness to eliminate the need for floatation cells, flocculants or additives.

LR Marine

Pre-Insulated Pipe Systems

LR Marine makes pre-insulated pipe systems for marine applications.  These systems are 100% waterproof, utilizing polyurethane foam insulation covered by an HDPE outer jacket and encapsulated joints which render all exposed areas of the pipe completely corrosion proof.  Applications include LNG liquid and vapor cargo lines, thermal oil, steam, hot water, refrigerants, asphalt and other heated cargo pipes, bunker lines, etc.  LR also offers a complete pre-insulated emergency shower system with eye wash station.  All systems are based on a 30 year, low maintenance design to ensure fast installation time and significantly longer lifetime than conventional insulated deck pipes.

Stirling Cryogenics

Cryogenic Reliquefaction Solutions

Stirling is a leader in marine stand-alone cryogenic cooling for LNG boil off gas (BOG) reliquefaction and LNG tank conditioning. Utilizing the Stirling Cycle, the StirLNG liquefier is suitable for cargo (LNG carriers, bunker barges / ships etc.) or keeping LNG fuel tanks within the specified operating range. Standard StirLNG cryogenerator capacity ranges from 250 to approximately 24,000 kg/day (150 – 20,000 gal/day) of LNG boil off gas reliquefaction. These units can also be used for other hydrocarbons and gasses.  DHI also makes liquid nitrogen generators that produce from 3 to 50 liters (~1 to 13 gallons) per hour for oceanographic and other science vessels. 

Sauer Compressors USA

Starting Air Compressors & Receivers

Sauer offers high quality, reliable piston type reciprocating start air compressors for marine and offshore applications. All are designed and built for ease of maintenance, with high reliability and long service life. Air and water-cooled options with 2 and 3-stage configurations are available in pressures up to 40 bar/600 psi and are rated for true 24/7 continuous duty operation. Choose from air cooled Mistral, Passat, and Levante models or the water cooled Typhoon series. All feature long-term aftersales spares support. Fully customizable solutions and rental units are also available.

Representing Makers of Premium Marine Machinery

TMC – Tamrotor Marine Compressors

Working / Control / Instrument Air Compressors & Dryers

Tamrotor screw compressors, air dryers and filters are optimized for installation and use onboard ships and offshore applications. Shipbuilders appreciate the compact design of a TMC marine compressor, the quality of the documentation and the ease of installation. Shipowners like the performance, the simple maintenance kits and the low life cycle costs. TMC Smart Air® compressors are a great option for energy savings of up to 50% over conventional screw-type compressors. Please consider TMC for your new or retrofit installation.

Specs Corporation

Crankcase and Atmospheric Oil Mist Detection Systems

Specs is a leader in Oil Mist Detection (OMD) systems for marine engines and machinery spaces. This equipment is essential for the prevention of crankcase explosions and for reducing the risk of fire from machinery space flammable oil systems. Choose SPECSVISION IIIC or 5C Crankcase OMD for monitoring of the engine crankcase and SPECSVISION IIIA for Atmospheric OMD for protection of the engine room compartment. Both are suitable for new installations and retrofit and meet all class rules and requirements. 

Flebu International

Centrifugal Fans & Blowers

Manufacturing, global sales and service of high performance centrifugal fans / blowers for the maritime, offshore and onshore power process industry for over 60 years.  The maritime fan / blower range covers high pressure combustion air fan / blower solutions for Inert Gas Generator systems (IGGS), air fans / blowers for cargo handling systems, boilers and incinerators, inert gas fans / blowers for Inert Gas systems (IGS) and Exhaust Gas Fans (EGFan™) for Exhaust Gas Cleaning systems (EGCS) for SOx emission reduction requirement according MARPOL IV.  The industrial fan range covers high temperature and high flow combustion and flue gas fan / blower solutions applicable for pulp and paper, steel works, waste treatment plant power industry.